LegalADVISOR provides advice and consultation on any personal legal issue through either telephonic or in office consultations with Plan Attorneys. Additional program features include both member and spousal wills; the preparation of basic family legal documents, review of documents and a guaranteed 25% discount for additional legal services. A financial planning and counseling helpline, is also included both online and by toll free telephone.

LegalGUARD is a unique and flexible protecting against the high cost of legal fees. The program is designed to help employees and members who need more than telephonic legal advice or simple legal services. The LegalGUARD Plan includes all of the benefits of the LegalADVISOR Plan in addition to paying 100% of legal fees for a wide range of commonly utilized legal services. Representative coverage include matters as simple as traffic tickets to cases as complex as divorce or criminal defense2. These plans provide the unique flexibility and convenience of using either in-network or out-of-network attorneys. Plans can be customized for individual employers or groups.

LegalEASESM Legal Helplines
The LegalEASE Helplines are designed to function similar to an employer-sponsored Employee Assistance Program (EAP), giving employees or members access to telephonic legal and financial consultations, as well as discounted legal referral services. Helplines can be tailored to the specific needs of the employee workforce or other membership base such as an Immigration Legal Helpline, an Elderlaw Helpline or a Homeowners/Motorist Legal Helpline.

LegalEASESM Small Business Legal Plan
The Small Business Legal Plan offers all the benefits of the LegalADVISOR Plan, but includes additional services designed specifically for the business owner. The Plan provides the business owner with legal advice and consultation by phone or in person on both business and personal matters. A legal referral service, with an initial half-hour office consultation at no charge and a guaranteed 25% discount on additional legal fees is also included. The personal legal benefits are available for the CEO/owner or an individual designated by the covered business. Covered CEOs, owners or designees may call toll-free, during business hours, for any personal or business legal matter, including matters such as employee terminations, supplier disputes, lease agreements, and litigation2. The Small Business Legal Plan includes a financial planning and counseling Helpline providing information on retirement strategies and other financial-related questions. Financial planning and counseling calls are routed to national providers and/or directed to online information. The Small Business Legal Plan is available to businesses employing 100 or fewer employees.


2Issued Policy contains complete description of covered services, exclusions and limitations.

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