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The Small Claims and Consumer Help Library is designed to be a general discussion of common legal situations. The information given herein is not intended to be an exhaustive study of all possible legal situations, nor is it designed to offer a legal opinion regarding your specific situation, since the facts of your case may vary from those in this discussion. We always encourage you to consult with an attorney for assistance with your problem, if necessary. As a member of the Family Legal Access Plan you can schedule an initial consultation with a Plan Attorney on each new legal topic you have at no charge; call The Legal Hotline toll-free at 1-800-562-2929 for more information.

We have designed this service because State Bar Rules often prohibit Attorneys from helping people with all of the aspects of their small claims problems, and further court rules usually prohibit attorneys from appearing in Small Claims for parties with lawsuits.

You may also be able to obtain information on Small Claims from your local court clerks, or from an attorney, although the information may not be as complete as that contained in this discussion.

Plan Members should know that they are still entitled to a free one-half hour consultation with their Plan Attorney on any new legal topic, even if it involves Small Claims or consumer law. The Small Claims and Consumer Help library is a supplemental service, not designed to be a substitute for legal advice from Plan Attorneys at no charge.

Sections Available in Small Claims and Consumer Help
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Small Claims - General
Small Claims Special Topics: Auto Repair
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