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This area seems to be somewhat ambiguous as to when a student is no longer covered under his/her parents health insurance policy. Most policies clearly state how many college semester hours a student must be enrolled in to be covered, but there are many different situations where the facts may exclude the child. Often, people are afraid to ask whether a certain fact in their particular case makes their child ineligible to be covered under the policy because they think that if they do not ask, should the situation arise where a dispute comes up and the insurance company refuses to pay for medical treatment of the child, and they were therefore not aware of the situation, the insurance company will end up paying after all. This, however, is not the case. It is your responsibility, as the policy holder, to make sure that all requirements are met before assuming that your children are covered. If you do not, you may end up having to pay large medical bills out of your own pocket.

There are many different situations that can come up that will not be addressed in your policy, such as: what if the student starts out the semester with the required number of hours, but then later drops a class, putting him/her below the requirement, or what if the child is a full-time student, but then takes the spring semester off from school to travel, take a temporary job in his/her field of interest, or recover from a major surgery, but is already enrolled for a full load of summer courses? Is it really necessary to take out an individual health insurance policy to be absolutely certain that your son or daughter will be covered in the interim period?

Children at College Issues
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Children at College Issues
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