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Gross Negligence

One additional note: in addition to the damages mentioned above under the automobile accident section [compensatory damages] some acts of negligence may be considered to be willful, wanton or reckless. For example, a person who hurts someone while driving drunk. Should your student-child cause serious injuries while in such a situation, in some states, they may be considered to be grossly negligent. Gross negligence may permit some plaintiffs to recover punitive damages. Punitive damages are damages designed to actually punish a person causing an injury and to make certain they do not engage in such activity again. This is an area that requires extreme caution on your part, and preventative steps and consultation with a lawyer can help you to understand this area of potential liability. The laws of each state contain many variations for which a summary is not even possible. Thus, it is highly recommended that should this situation ever arise, an attorney must be consulted immediately.

Children at College Issues
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Children at College Issues
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