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Credit and Debt Problems with Medical Issues

Medical Billing Problems Affecting Your Credit

Many questions arise with respect to the handling of medical problems. One large area of consumer confusion and anxiety is the medical billing and collection process. Medical expenses, non-payments and insurance liability may result in problems to your credit which come from not understanding how to protect your rights in this area.


If you have ever had to suffer a medical emergency or even minor surgery in a hospital facility, you are well aware of one of the most frustrating problems in the medical field - medical bills. It may be an understatement to say that medical bills may be among the most perplexing and disjointed bills or debts one can incur. Both major surgery and minor surgery will almost certainly generate bills for hospital stays, radiology bills, therapy bills, physician bills and an assortment of other diagnostic testing bills, prescription bills and others.

Understanding when you are liable for these bills is critical to making sure that your credit is not affected by an outstanding, or unpaid medical bill. Because of insurance, we are almost always uncertain what bills we must pay and when these must be paid.

When you receive a medical bill, treat it seriously. If you are interested in protecting your credit history report, do not simply assume that it will be paid by your insurance company. Keep on top of the insurance company by sending them a copy of the bill and a quick written note identifying the bill in your note and asking the insurance company whether you should pay it or not. While this will not hurry the insurance company in its decision-process, it will be a record [if you keep a copy of your correspondence] for the future, in the event that the insurance company fails to pay this bill and either a non-payment or a late-payment derogatory remark was placed on your credit. You will at least be able to demonstrate to any person looking at your credit report that you were "on top of this bill" and that you were concerned enough to take the time to document your concern.

Credit and Debt Problems with Medical Issues
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