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Medicare: Do You Know All You Should?

Appeals Process in Medicare

Medicare is governed largely by federal statutes and regulations. Of course, each state may have its own process of appealing a Medicare decision and these should be checked in each case. Because of the federal rules and regulations involved, the typical administrative law process is followed under Medicare. Thus, should you decide to seek legal assistance, you should locate an attorney with administrative law practice and background.

In the event you need to understand the process yourself, the following is a general discussion. Specifics may vary due to changes in federal law and the provisions of state law.

Typically, there are a number of steps which you can proceed through, when you disagree with an administrative action taken by a Medicare official or agent. Throughout all of these steps, you should keep one thing in mind: document your position at each step. Put It In Writing! You should also keep in mind that in each step there are specific time limits, which are waived if not followed. By waiving these time limits, you will likely render your case a loss, even if you otherwise might have won your appeal.

Medicare: Do You Know All You Should?
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Medicare: Do You Know All You Should?
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