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Medicare: Do You Know All You Should?

Hospital Benefits

Medicare covers each hospital benefit for up to 90 days in the hospital. However, Medicare does not pay for the 90 days in full. Instead, you pay a lump sum deductible for the first 60 days of your stay in the hospital. You pay an additional daily deductible amount for days 61 - 90.

While each hospital stay is limited to 90 days, there is no limit to the number of hospital stays which Medicare will cover, so long as you remain out of the hospital for 60 consecutive days from the date of last release from the hospital and the date of the next admission.

There is also a "one-time benefit" that Medicare will pay for a 60-day extension of a 90 day hospital visit. There is, however, a charge fixed by law which you are required to pay on a daily basis.

Medicare: Do You Know All You Should?
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Medicare: Do You Know All You Should?
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