Family Health Legal Library

How to Use the Family Health Legal Library

Introduction: Legal Consequences of Health Problems

This library of information and legal documents is designed to be informational.

We have found that a client who has some knowledge is not "dangerous" as the old adage goes. Rather, a client with some knowledge will understand the preventative steps and which steps may be needed to prevent problems. Despite popular belief, attorneys appreciate clients with some knowledge of their problems and needs, and this knowledge can often translate into a savings on legal fees.

Thus, that is the purpose of this library. Not to substitute or replace lawyers, but to prevent you from incurring legal fees through costly legal proceedings, when you could have taken steps to prevent these problems.

How to Use This Library

The first eleven sections of this library deal with understanding the legal consequences, and preventing legal problems, related to all types of family health problems. There are two reasons why Americans do not spend a significant amount of time learning about how to prevent problems in this area, despite the fact that the law in this area provides some of the least expensive and simplest measures to take to prevent legal problems: (1) we never think that medical problems, such as incapacitation or injury from unexpected events will happen to us; and (2) the fear of the cost of such prevention measures.

Neither of these is a reason not to learn about this area. This library demonstrates, in great detail, a general understanding of these legal consequences and discusses certain documents which, once understood, can be prepared and used to save thousands of dollars in legal fees and hundreds of hours in your time.

The remaining seven sections are designed to provide a discussion of more general legal problems, including injuries caused by children, real estate problems, landlord tenant problems, divorce, child custody and/or alimony issues and many other legal topics you or your family might face.

All sections are designed to increase your understanding of the area of law which is affecting you. Although you can do so, the library is intended to be a reference, and not necessarily read straight through in its entirety. In all cases but the most simple, legal advice is still recommended. In fact, the information provided here will help you become a better client in two ways: (1) by calling to your attention the preventative measures that you ought to be thinking about at different times in your life ; and (2) by understanding each problem in detail so that you can save money in legal fees by being prepared when you consult your attorney about some of these preventative measures.

Before We Start

As you will see, many sections reference sample documents which can be opened in another window to follow along with while reading the information by clicking on the name of the document. We have also provided three forms which will help you compile the items and assets in your estate, and to consider issues which may be necessary in understanding your own estate or healthcare plan: Biographical Information, Estate Planning Worksheet and Personal Information. You may wish to review these forms first, so that you can think about those items which are applicable to you. If you are planning to see a Plan Attorney about one or more of the documents discussed, having already completed these forms prior to your meeting will be of great help to your Plan Attorney.

How to Use the Family Health Legal Library
Sections Available in Family Health Legal Library
How to Use the Family Health Legal Library
Healthcare Directives: Preventing Serious Legal Proceedings
Durable Power of Attorney For Healthcare
Durable Power of Attorney
Considering a Life Care Plan
Protecting Your Estate
Revocable and Irrevocable Living Trusts
Medicare: Do You Know All You Should?
Medicaid - What If This System Is Necessary
Credit and Debt Problems with Medical Issues
Medical Surgeries, Diagnosis and Related Issues
Children at College Issues
Marital Issues When Medical Problems Arise
Introduction to Contract Issues
Specific Types of Contracts and Contract Issues
More Examples of Special Contracts
Real Estate Issues
Typical Consumer Problems

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