Elder Care

Protecting Your Estate

Avoid Guardianships and Conservatorships If At All Possible

Every legal means by which to avoid this legal proceeding should be carefully reviewed with an attorney and discussed thoroughly with family members. There are so many court battles today which could have been avoided with a bit of planning. Even if you have the most "friendly" family and anticipate no battles in court, there is no need, assuming you could have planned for it, to incur the cost in legal fees, legal costs, court costs, expert witness fees, inventory and accounting fees and related time taken out of work, year after year to keep these unnecessary court proceedings functioning.

Durable Powers of Attorney, Durable Powers of Attorney for Healthcare, Trusts and other estate planning vehicles can all be helpful in this area, and they can be affordable. This is one of the easiest preventative areas of law to understand and to take steps to avoid court. This is also one area where spending a little time and money now can seriously keep your entire family from spending thousands of dollars later.

Protecting Your Estate
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Protecting Your Estate
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