Elder Care

Durable Power of Attorney

Especially Important When You Do Not Expect to Use It

The most important thing to understand when thinking about this issue is that if you are over 18 and have any family, and you are reading this and saying to yourself, I am probably not old enough to worry about mental incapacity, think again! You are precisely the person whose needs are sought to be met with this legal document. The Durable Power of Attorney is most often prepared when there are no pending problems, or when there is not even a thought of pending problems. The law recognizes that the most mentally sound person can suffer an unexpected accident which causes a temporary or permanent incapacity. Without this Durable Power of Attorney, your family or associates will have no choice but to institute lengthy legal proceedings and attempt to appoint a conservator, selected by the court, to manage your affairs, in most states.

Durable Power of Attorney
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