Domestic Violence

Employer's Role in Domestic Violence

The Workplace

What Can Employers Do to Help?

Whether an employer, large or small, will be of any assistance to an employee-victim of domestic violence depends upon the position of the top level management. CEOs and management teams that realize their employees, and the company's work, suffer when an employee is a victim, will know that a great opportunity exists to help a victim.

Realize Work May be the Only "Safe-Haven" for the Victim

What is not always clear is that victims of domestic violence are often subjected to the constant and overbearing presence of their partner. In many instances, victims are "never out of the sight" of their partner. As a result, there is no convenient time to read self-help violence materials, or review legal principles regarding domestic violence law. Nor is there time away from their partner to make telephone calls to domestic violence counselors or other community resources.

For this reason, work provides a place for victims to be protected from intervention from their partner and to make calls for help. Victims can also conduct research in to their legal rights, and legal options, and make educated choices about their future.

Other Actions Employers Can Take to Help Their Employee-Victims

  • Create a library or web site of resources to help employees
  • Examine EAP programs to ascertain helpful coverage for victims
  • Conduct management training to enable managers to recognize potential victims
  • Sponsor workshops about domestic violence and educate employees
  • Conduct a study of the workplace to ensure no domestic violence occurs at the company
  • Have policies and resources that encourage employee-victims to obtain help

Employer's Role in Domestic Violence
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Employer's Role in Domestic Violence
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