Domestic Violence

A Checklist for your Safety

Your Safety Plan

I Can Leave

  • If I leave, I will (get out how?)
  • I have considered my children and I will (do what with them and where?)
  • I have my purse/wallet ready
  • I have my car keys ready
  • I have collected extra money and it is stored (where?)
  • I have already copied my important documents and stored them(where?)
  • I have considered planning my exit with one of my Plan Attorneys
  • I will go to (where?) and my friend will know where I am

If I Leave, I Can Get Help

  • I can call the police if necessary.
  • I know the number to the domestic violence hotline to help me - they can help or take me in if necessary.
  • I considered where I will take my children (if they are an issue).
  • My children (if they are grown) know where I will be, and I have considered not involving them at first.
  • I have a secret code word (which is _____ ) and my immediate friends/family know that they should call the police if they hear that word from me.
  • I can also use my code word to let others know that I am leaving or coming to stay with them.

After I Leave

  • I know that I need to take steps to protect my temporary/permanent residency.
  • I will change the locks and hire a security company or install an alarm with direct access to the police.
  • I can obtain smoke detectors and fire extinguishers to protect me from retaliation.
  • I can teach my children how to call me collect, if they are kidnapped.
  • I will let my children's school know who can pick them up and establish some symbol to identify them to authorities.
  • I will change my phone number, or if possible, get another one for my family/immediate friends/emergency use only.
  • I will talk to professionals for advice, including Plan Attorneys, who can help me utilize the protections of the law from my safety and the safety of my children.

A Checklist for your Safety
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A Checklist for your Safety
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