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Investing in Retirement Funds

General Concepts of Retirement Funds

There is a general rule that is often quoted and often wrong. That is, that income needs after retirement usually decrease. In fact, this is not always true, especially as we live longer and longer after the usual age of retirement. Also, while retirees sometimes move out of large houses, they are now moving into more luxury condomiums and town homes. Additionally, instead of being forced into retirement homes, retirees are now traveling more, joining more social clubs and maintaining a semi-retired lifestyle. Additionally, many grandparents want to help their grandchildren and they need money to be able to help them.

With this in mind, it is critical for the investor to think about how to provide for these years after retirement. More and more money will be needed, so that accumulation of money may be one issue, but growth of existing capital must also be a primary concern. Social security and minimal pension fund incomes will no longer suffice to support the active lifestyle that many retirees are demanding now.

Investing in Retirement Funds
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