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Introduction to Financial Planning

Why Many Families Do Not Plan

The most common reason for not planning is because people do not feel as if they have enough assets, or income. They are spending every paycheck and feel that they could not possibly have any left over to set some aside for retirement.

Additionally, procrastination plays a huge role in the decision not to plan. "I will, I will, I will," is one of the main statements financial planners hear when the need for planning is suggested. People even go to the trouble to attend seminars and try to understand the principles of financial planning. But when it comes time to sit down and plan, there is absolutely a million other things to do, like taking out the trash.

Fear of the high cost of planning. Few people have a real idea of what financial planning costs. Even fewer know that financial planning can be relatively inexpensive, especially for the returns that can be obtained with a bit of planning.

Horror stories that many have heard regarding the widow whose financial planner or money manager stole everything from her and is now living in the Cayman Islands, are also reasons many people have for not planning.

Finally, the most genuine reason for not planning is the simple lack of knowledge about true financial planning facts and information, from a source that is not biased, or not earning huge commissions. This is the purpose of this website. We are unconnected to any financial planner. We can assist in evaluating planners or locating planners, and we even have certain planners that offer different means of payment and/or compensation, depending upon your choice. But, this website is designed to provide an honest assessment of the field, uncover some of the mysteries, discuss, in some detail some of the investment principles, and in general allow you to feel completely unpressured to do anything, if you do not want to.

Introduction to Financial Planning
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